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SOJOUNERS GOD'S POLITICS: Crime, Forgiveness, and Restorative Justice - In the transcript and audio recording linked below, Rakha tells stories from death row and the kind profound healing she has witnessed first hand between victims and perpetrators, and speaks at length about the power of forgiveness in action. Podcast

OPB - Think Out Loud, Naseem Talks about her meeting with condemned killer Gary Haugen - Oregon death row inmate who has asked the state to kill him. Gary read The Crying Tree and asked to meet with Rakha. Begins at 11:46 Podcast

PDX LIVE - Exceptional Women NW
Naseem Rakha, author of The Crying Tree, talks about growing up in Chicago, her work in Public Radio, the ideas of redemption and humanity in her work and more.

KUNM Radio - Women's Focus
New Mexico public radio's Carol Boss Interviews Naseem Rakha about hate, forgiveness and capital punishment in America. Podcast

KLCC Interview - Murder and Forgiveness
Naseem Rakha’s name and voice are familiar to many KLCC listeners. She was KLCC’s Capitol Correspondent from 1995 to 2003. Last year, her first novel, “The Crying Tree” was published. It tells the story of a family who experience the tragic death of their teen aged son. The mother, after years of wanting revenge for her son’s death, eventually forgives her son’s killer, who is sentenced to death.

Humboldt State University - Campus Dialogue on Race
Naseem Rakha talks about researching her novel The Crying Tree. Naseem reads excerpts from her novel. Podcast

Rebecca's Book Talk - Naseem talks about how people re-cooperate from violent crimes and the courage to love. Part One and Part Two

Interview with Irene Rawlings PART ONE and PART TWO
Irene Rawlings takes an in depth look at The Crying Tree with guest Naseem Rakha

Think Out Loud -- Oregon Public Broadcasting
Host Emily Harris interviews Naseem Rakha about The Crying Tree.

"Viewpoint with Jean Dean"
Source: WRVC -- Supertalk Radio
Interview with Naseem begins at minute 23:54
Jean Dean speaks with Naseem about her experience writing The Crying Tree, and covering executions for Public Broadcasting.

Naseem Rakha & debut novel "The Crying Tree" | KBOO Community Radio
Source: kboo.fm
Dmae Roberts talks with Oregon Author Naseem Rakha about her debut novel "The Crying Tree" -- the story of a family whose son is murdered. The novel brings to light issues of justice and forgiveness as a mother begins a correspondence with the convicted murderer of her son....Podcast 27:15